16th AGM Voting Results – 10.06.2022
Change in Statutory Auditors
16th AGM Transcript – 10.06.2022
16th AGM Outcome – 10.06.2022
Newspaper Publication for Notice of the 16th AGM and Information on E-voting
Addendum to the Public Notice dated May 9, 2022
Book Closure intimation
Newspaper Publication for AGM, Book Closure and other related information
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report_2021-22
Reg 23(9) Disclosure 31.03.2022
Participation in Investor Interactions – 22.04.2022
BM Outcome 20.04.2022
Newspaper Publication – Q4 FY 2021-22 Results
Audio recording of the Post Results Conference Call – 11.04.2022
BM Outcome 08.04.2022
Increase in Shareholding – GTPL Rajwadi Network Pvt Ltd.
BM Notice 08.04.2022