Newspaper Publication of Q3(2020-21) Results
BM Outcome 13.01.2021
Newspaper Notice for Q3 BM
Updated Credit Rating
Revision in Credit Rating 06.01.2021
BM Notice 13.01.2021
Sale of Stake- GTPL Shiv Network Pvt Ltd
Trading Window Closure Intimation
GTPL Hathway Limited - Voting Results of NCLT Convened Meeting of Unsecured Creditors
Proceedings of NCLT Meeting of Unsecured Creditors
Increase in Shareholding-GTPL Abhilash
Newspaper Advertisement of Notice for NCLT Convened Meeting of Unsecured Creditors
Notice for NCLT Convened Meeting of Unsecured Creditors
Disinvestment _ GTPL Space City_ 18112020
Investor Meet Intimation 11.11.2020
Reg 23(9) Disclosure 30.09.2020
Acquisition- GTPL Bansidhar Telelink Private Limited _ 27102020
Investor Meet Intimation 21.10.2020
Investor Meet Intimation 20.10.2020
Investor Meet Intimation Revised
Investor Meet Intimation
Newspaper Publication of Q2(2020-21) Results
BM Outcome 10.10.2020
Newspaper Notice for Q2 BM
BM Notice 10.10.2020
Intimation for Analyst meet
Outcome of Board Meeting – Composite Scheme of Arrangement
Acquisition- GTPL City Channel Private Limited
Trading Window Closure Intimation
14th AGM Voting Results (Revised)
14th AGM Transcript
14th AGM Voting Results
14th AGM Outcome
Newspaper Publication for Notice of the 14th AGM and Information on E-voting
Intimation AGM Notice and Annual Report 2020
Book Closure intimation
Newspaper Publication for AGM, Book Closure and other related information
Newspaper Publication of Q1(2020-21) Results
BM Outcome 15.07.2020
Newspaper Notice for Q1 BM
BM Notice 15.07.2020
Trading Window Closure Intimation
Revised Reg 23(9) Disclosure 31.03.2020
Reg 23(9) Disclosure 31.03.2020
Regulation 7(3) compliance
BM Outcome 21.04.2020_Rectification
BM Outcome 21.04.2020
Investor Meet Intimation
Revised date for Board Meeting_21.04.2020 Notice
BM Notice 18.04.2020