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GTPL Recommended Packs
GTPL Recommended Packs
Available Channels
Channels Available on Platform
CPE Schemes
CPE Schemes: Scheme type, CPE price, and other terms and conditions
Subscription Process
Subscription process for subscribing channels on a-la-carte basis.
Manual of Practice
Manual of Practice
Network Capacity Fee
Network Capacity Fee
Provisions for Discontinuation
Provisions for temporary discontinuation of service and details of restoration fee and reactivation fee, if applicable.
Provision for Relocation
Provision for relocation of connection and applicable charges.
Complaint Redressal Process
Complaint Redressal Process
New Service Process
Procedure for obtaining a new service connection and timelines.
Toll Free Number
Toll Free Number of Customer Care Centre and other contact details.
GTPL has set up a centralized helpline no. 1800-419-0419 (Toll Free) to assist our subscribers and customers. Customers may also contact GTPL executives at +91-9727-633-633 (Toll number) for any queries.
Customer Care
Availability of Customer Care Programming Service with its LCN
GTPL has a dedicated Customer Care Programming Service for dissemination of information related to TV broadcasting services, which the subscribers of GTPL can view at Logical Channel Number 999.
Customer Application Form
Customer Application Form
LCO Support
Email id : lco.supportcentre@gtpl.net
Helpline Numbers : 9978904668 / 9978904899