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We believe Human Element is the most critical part of our business so at GTPL Hathway we choose talent with high potential and caliber. We endeavor and put in our best efforts to create a fun filled work environment that encourages leadership & empowers people to excel which helps the organization reach greater heights and achieve big milestones. Reward and Recognition, Training and development, Employee engagement activities and many more we never miss ways to motivate our employees to Learn, Perform and Grow.


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Employee Testimonials

Bhavin Patel
Vice President

GTPL is an innovative company, market leader & also offers long term stability. GTPL has a great ability to see potential in people and place them where they can succeed. I enjoy being at a GTPL that has continued to grow & expand its reach. GTPL has a culture of reward & recognition for all employees which creates a very positive & productive work place.

Anup Panicker

It feels conceited to be a part of Fastest Growing MSO in the country which is technically advance, pro-active and trend-setter in understanding the requirement of affiliates, gives free-hand to take decisions, provides opportunity to get associated with the vision of the company and plays decisive role in carving your career for better opportunity within the company.
Four words to express my above feeling “I LOVE MY JOB”

Jeetendra Nar
Vice President

We all have visions and dreams and the ones we have from the time we were young are the ones that steer us in the direction our life is to go. “I love what I do because being a catalyst for small business transferring to a long term profitable & sustainable business is absolutely thrilling for me.” GTPL Broadband has given me an opportunity to do so and given complete work freedom. During this transformation I appreciate and enjoyed GTPL Management’s complete faith.

Yatin Gupta
Vice President

“GTPL is an organisation par excellence and I have experienced the working of a professional company in the 5 months that I have been here. Every day is a learning experience and challenges are faced with complete support of the Management as well as all support functions. I am enjoying the experience of being with a growing company which is flexible in its approach and which has given me the responsibility along with the authority to manage the Region.”

Rupesh Shah
Associate Vice President

My current profile is decent combination of Authority, Responsibility & Accountability parameters. For me my profile is “COIN”. As coin has two different side, my profile reciprocate the same. One shade is challenge to contribute in big time toward company’s revenue and other sides provides self-satisfaction with the privilege to handling key department of company. This non monotonous approach of my profile keeps me no my toes.

Subrata Bhattacharya
Vice President

Working at GTPL has been the most enriching experience of my career. I had the opportunity to apply an extremely intuitive mix of technology on a very cost effective basis. By doing so GTPL had been a trend setter in the industry and I am proud to be a part of it. I look forward to actively participate in all future endeavors by GTPL and match up to the expectations of my promoters.