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GTPL Cinema

Every Indian viewer loves watching movies and GTPL Cinema brings the Silver Screen to your homes. From the latest blockbuster hits to movies which are everlasting. From romantic movies to the ones with unlimited action. From movies that are loved by kids to the ones which our parents love to watch. GTPL Cinema brings a wide variety of Hindi movies so that you can enjoy your favourite movies in the comfort of your home.

GTPL Music

Music is known to sooth our soul, relax our nerves and act as a stress reliever. Music makes you groove and dance on its beats. With a wide range of music videos available on GTPL Music, we ensure that we cater to the various moods of our viewers with specially curated programs like Bollywood Cafe, Play Mood and Review after Preview.

GTPL Gujarati

At GTPL Gujarati, we produce thrillers, suspense, comedy, romantic and a large number of other programs for your viewing pleasure in your own language. We aim to connect with you and provide you with unique content which is appreciated by most of our viewers.

GTPL Dayro

“Dayro” – the extremely popular form of music in Gujarat, is a well-known art form and endeavors to raise awareness of the rich culture and history of Gujarat through music. GTPL Dayro brings the best artists on its platform with Saurastra ni Rasdhar, Kagvani, Charni sahitya and Dayra ni Mauj giving soulful yet energetic performances for the channel and many more artists regularly gracing our studios.

GTPL Bhakti

GTPL Bhakti has been in existence for more than 7 years and has successfully carved out a niche for itself among the Religious channels with programs like SundarKand/Aarti, Bhajan Sagar, Yatra and Kathaamrit which have a dedicated following among our viewers.


KATHA is a unique channel where sermonizers from different religions elaborate ideas from their religions and explain their ideology in simple language that the viewers can understand. The vast array of spiritual leaders on the channel ensures a wide reach and dedicated following of the channel.

Sindhi TV

“Sindhu Sabhyata” Sindhi - the Indo-Aryan language is one of the oldest & richest cultures which has its own taste of music, tradition, clothes etc. To serve this unique culture, we bring to you “GTPL Sindhi” – the only Sindhi language channel in the country, with a blend of programs of all genres in Sindhi.